Classic and fabulous Luxury at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin

The American Club in Kohler was built in 1918 to house single immigrants who came to work at the Kohler Company, a renowned maker of bathroom fixtures.  The brick Tudor dormitory was transformed into a luxury hotel in 1981. Walter Kohler, president of the company and governor of Wisconsin from 1929 to 1931, believed his immigrant workers deserved “not only wages, but roses, as well.” His resident workers enjoyed hearty meals, a four-lane bowling alley, a billiard and tap room, and summer concerts on the front lawn. American flags were hung everywhere, a reminder from the parent company that the workers might want to consider applying for U.S. citizenship. Lessons in English language were held every Tuesday. By 1930, Kohler had convinced nearly 700 immigrant workers to take the annual paid day off and free transportation to the county courthouse to take their oath of citizenship.

The American Club now is is a five-diamond , four star luxury hotel with four indoor garden courtyards, twelve distinctive restaurants, and serves as a showcase for the high end bathroom fixtures, furniture, and lighting fixtures Kohler produces and carries.  Furniture and chandeliers from the Baker line and tiles from Ann Sacks are a hint of fabulous throughout the traditionally classic, elegant club.  With  240 rooms, there varying degrees of accommodation to suit all budgets.

The Eau de Vie suite has an incredible seven foot tub beside an eternal fireplace, the tub filling from a ceiling mounted faucet.

The American Club, 800-344-2838


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