Cut waste and fat this Christmas – clever solution from Yorkshire, England

When we stay at our cottage I am careful about water use because 
we have a water cistern with a limited supply . I am also 
extremely wary about what I put down the drain because of a septic system. Country ways don't relate to my city life quite as much 
and I am guilty of running water unnecessarily. 

The other day I was cooking ground lamb for a shepherd's pie and always drain the fat into a container - saving my drain system, absolutely, but saving it for roasting potatoes is my goal. Stir 
fried vegetables get drained in a bowl cradled by paper towels , 
again, environmentally friendly, but draining the extra oil off so it doesn't get added to MY personal system. 

Yorkshire , England, an area close to my heart, has just come up 
with a unique way at Christmas to stop people throwing oil and fat down the drain slowing down systems and causing problems. 

Yorkshire Water is teaming up with major supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Waitrose to encourage customers not to cause pains in the 
drains this Christmas.

Customers buying a pre-order turkey from the two major retailers 
for their Christmas roast will receive free Yorkshire Water gadgets to help collect the fat, oil and grease (FOG) the annual festive feast generates.
yorkshire-water-sewer-saver-ekofunnel yorkshire-water-EkoFunnel

Pouring FOGs down the sink can result in the liquids hardening as they cool and create blockages. Last year 2,635 sewer blockages 
around the Yorkshire region alone were caused by these liquids, often leading to flooding inside homes and businesses.

Not only are these blockages horrible for customers, they are also expensive to clear from the Yorkshire Water network; money that 
could be saved on customers’ bills.

Yorkshire Water is giving away 7,700 EkoFunnels at 30 Sainsbury’s stores across the region and 1,400 Fat Traps at seven Waitrose 
stores to people pre-ordering their turkeys from the stores as 
part of the nationwide campaign. The traps and funnels can be used to collect waste FOGs for recycling or disposal via the bin.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water CEO, said: “We’re asking people to put our sewers on a low fat diet and think before they dispose of fat, oil and grease down the sink or through the dishwasher.

“Whilst it only takes a couple of extra seconds to get rid of 
products like fat by putting it in the bin, it will mean that the millions of pounds we currently spend removing these products from the sewers of Yorkshire can be invested elsewhere - improving our network and the service we offer.”

Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability for Sainsbury’s, said: “We’re 
proud to be distributing over 7,700 EkoFunnels at our stores in 
Yorkshire this year. As well as keeping Britain’s waste water 
network flowing, the cooking oil and fat captured from your roast this Christmas could be turned into bio-fuel to power vehicles.”
Quentin Clark, Waitrose’s Head of Sustainability and Ethical 
Sourcing, added: “Fat in the sewers is a big problem, particularly at this time of year. Here at Waitrose, we are committed to 
supporting local communities and helping to reduce this problem 
across the country.

“By encouraging our customers to use our free fat-traps, we can 
dramatically cut the percentage of damage caused to drains by fat, oil and grease.”
Business In The Community trialled the initiative with customers 
in London last year before helping to spread it other parts of the country, including Yorkshire, this Christmas. 

About The blog of travel & lifestyle journalist Melody Wren

Melody is a freelance writer because she believes that work and fun should not be mutually exclusive. She writes about travel, food, lifestyle and green living. Melody loves staying in a place long enough to get acquainted. Local customs, markets and traditional cultures are magnets for this writer. When not writing she’s either on the road, in the air, or savoring something tasty. Most of her travels feature outdoor adventures of some sort, although she typically avoids sleeping on the ground. She is an ordinary person that enjoys challenging and pushing herself, facing fears with an eye on experiential travel. She needs to do it, feel it and see it so she can write about it. Her hope is that her stories encourage readers to get out there and do the same.
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